Structural Development

Kisoro Vision School which was established in 2003 has endeavored to put in place a number of facilities required by a modern School and meet the basic requirements as set by the Ministry of Education and sports and even go beyond by providing extra services and facilities to make it a much more standard school.

The school has a four storeyed classroom block with 28 classrooms therein. Its ground floor has administrative offices and they are;

a) Head teacher’s office

b) Director’s office

c) Office of the Deputy Head teacher

d) Staff-room

e) Accountants; (Bursars’ office)

f) Secretary’s office

g) Two strong rooms (stores)

The school has a modern laboratory building (called Technology house). The school laboratories are very well stocked. Each science subject has its own Independent room as thus;-

  • Physics lab.
  • Chemistry lab.
  • Biology lab.
  • Agriculture lab.


School Laboratory Building
School Laboratory Building


Physics and Chemistry labs have their separate preparation and store room and so are the Biology and Agriculture labs which also have their Independent stores and preparation room.

Very modern library and computer labs are among the facilities the school has. The library can accommodate 200 students and it is very well stocked. The computer lab has the capacity of 180 computers and with Internet connection.

Inside the School Laboratory
Inside the School Laboratory
School Library
School Library

The school has Residence (staff Quarters) which accommodate up to 18 teacher. Other accommodation facilities for the staff are for

a) The matron

b) School Nurse

c) Warden

d) Senior Woman teacher.

Students get services from the two school canteens which are stocked with most of the acceptable needs of students. There is also the sick bay and the medical examination room.

Boarding facilities are available for both boys and Girls. Dormitories for boys can accommodate 1,000 students using double decker beds and those of girls have the capacity of 800 students, using double decker beds.

The sanitation facilities include, long drop toilets (pit latrines) and water borne flushing toilets used by teachers both in school and in the staff quarters.

There are six rain water harvesting tanks and five water taps for pumped water by National water and Sewerage Corporation.  Numerous other water taps are in the four laboratory rooms.

Safe drinking water provided by the Impact water system is available and accessible.

The school kitchen with smoke free cooking stones has two rooms attached as food stores and one more has the residence of the kitchen staff.

The completion of the vision sports carpet which is the school’s sports playground has boosted the co-curricular activities especially; football, Netball, Rugby and volley ball.

The school continues to endeavor to provide services which will provide conducive teaching and learning environment, comfortable accommodation, sufficient teaching and learning aid and other materials. At vision, one is assured of peace of mind committed service from the staff and any way, success is a sure reality


About Kisoro Vision School

Name: Kisoro Vision S.S

P.O Box 302 Kisoro Uganda

Status: Mixed (Boys and Girls) Day and boarding with O’ and A ‘level offering Arts and Sciences.

Word from the Director, Munyambabazi Dan

Kisoro Vision S.S is a private Secondary School that started operating on 17 January 2003.  The proprietor are;  Munyambabazi Dan and Hakizumwami Buker.  Its establishment was in line with the government liberalization policy which allowed private individuals to start schools.  By the time of the establishment of this school, there were already other two private Secondary Schools operating in Kisoro District.

The zeal to establish this school was:

  • To complement the government and private Secondary Schools which were always overwhelmed by the large numbers from primary level especially those graduating from universal primary education.
  • To uplift the standards of education and moral development of Kisoro District by providing the desired quality education.
  • To help the parents who were always taking their children outside Kisoro District for better educational and academic services and save them from that stress and expenditure.
  • To develop and expand on Students' (Children’s) abilities and skills holistically.
  • To provide jobs to a cross section of people who would serve in different disciplines as teaching and none teaching staff.

Much of this has been achieved and more is still in offing. Kisoro Vision S.S has therefore contributed immensely and uniquely to the academic development of Kisoro District.  It also has a record of success in building human morality, discipline and the etiquettes of self reliance.  It has therefore given this district a new twist, shape and hope for a better future with responsible people.  This will make these people live a life they desire and deserve.

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