Word from the Director, Munyambabazi Dan

Kisoro Vision S.S is a private Secondary School that started operating on 17 January 2003.  The proprietor are;  Munyambabazi Dan and Hakizumwami Buker.  Its establishment was in line with the government liberalization policy which allowed private individuals to start schools.  By the time of the establishment of this school, there were already other two private Secondary Schools operating in Kisoro District.

The zeal to establish this school was:

  • To complement the government and private Secondary Schools which were always overwhelmed by the large numbers from primary level especially those graduating from universal primary education.
  • To uplift the standards of education and moral development of Kisoro District by providing the desired quality education.
  • To help the parents who were always taking their children outside Kisoro District for better educational and academic services and save them from that stress and expenditure.
  • To develop and expand on Students' (Children’s) abilities and skills holistically.
  • To provide jobs to a cross section of people who would serve in different disciplines as teaching and none teaching staff.

Much of this has been achieved and more is still in offing. Kisoro Vision S.S has therefore contributed immensely and uniquely to the academic development of Kisoro District.  It also has a record of success in building human morality, discipline and the etiquettes of self reliance.  It has therefore given this district a new twist, shape and hope for a better future with responsible people.  This will make these people live a life they desire and deserve.


The strategy is well laid and there is ability and good will by the school administration staff and also the parents.  Children are also determined to achieve the vision of their future as they accept the guidance given by the school administration rather than going by what nature imposes on them.  Those who went though this school have their life set in perspective and their future already decorated.

Tremendous achievements have been made as the school has taken the lead in academics, sports, discipline, and smartness, clubs which include religious clubs, drama, wildlife, Red Cross straight talk, and other aspects of life.  However the school has had a record of odds.    The start was too dull with very ugly structures as shown below.

Old Vision school

Old Vision School

Vision School

Staff Offices


These made some people not to quickly put trust in this school whose proprietors were even not known and often regarded as people gambling with life.  It was in regard to this that some people campaigned to have this school closed; which was an irritating situation that we went through for several years.

It is upon this that we greatly treasure the following people.

  1. Our Daddy; Elia Ntuyenabo (RIP) who provide the school with some requirements like food(beans) firewood and often paid top up salaries for the staff of the school.
  2. Mr Tereraho John Wilson; formerly inspector of schools-Kisoro District and Mr. Nambafu Robert; formerly the RDC Kisoro because of the support and protection they made to the school  when some people were pushing for its closure.
  3. Our dear pioneer teaching staff members who offered to give their service and were not paid for the first month of operating.  We also treasure our pioneer students who endured the bad conditions of the school at the time of its inception.

Kisoro Vision S.S however grew so suddenly becoming the best Secondary School in Kisoro, Western Uganda.

Kisoro Vision School

Kisoro Vision School

The school is now fully established and it is among the big shorts in the country. Besides its national significance, it has developed links internationally as it has close relations with schools of western countries notably;

  1. Humphrey Davy School in Penzance Cornwall, UK.  The Deputy Head teacher; Simeon Royle invited the Director; Munyambabazi Dan to attend Green is Global Conference in Eden Project, UK in October 2011.  He donated a Skype camera which enables Vision students to communicate with those of Humphrey Davy.
  2. Le Nivot college in Brittany France leadership of this school like Thierry Cohard, Barbra Peron and Laetitia Darsal have built a link between the two secondary schools.
  3. Skolsterden International school.  This is a Swedish school which got affiliated to Kisoro Vision S.S in 2011. Courtesy of Mr. Sheba Hanyurwa of MCDO (Mgahinga Community development organization) The Head teacher, Hakizumwami Buker has visited this school twice with 18 students and two other teachers. This school has so far donated 16 computers, 158 text books, 6 Foot balls, 2 sets of sports uniforms and other scholastic materials. They also make reciprocal visits to Kisoro Vision S.S.
  4. ACE (Aids conservation through Education). This is a UK based NGO (charity) founded by Angela peak from Penzance Cornwall, UK.  It sponsors the best children from their select primary school and they are all brought to Kisoro Vision S.S.   So far they have 37 children in the school as by 2013.  It is this charity that linked Kisoro Vision S.S to Humphrey Davy school.

Kisoro Vision S.S looks on to strengthening the relationship with these schools and charity for mutual benefit.  We further hope to acquire more friends and more links to enable us match with the changing world, be able to learn from them as they also learn from us, have exchange visits which will help in broadening our knowledge and understanding and if need be,  we carry out joint projects.  That is our wish and we hope that it will be a reality at one time.