Official Opening of Vision Sports Carpet

Kisoro “Vision sports carpet” is the school’s sports playground for football, Rugby, Athletics, Long Jump and many other outdoor games. This fascinating sports ground was officially opened on 24th/Oct/2015 thus ending the problems of traveling to Seseme and Saza playgrounds in a distance of 1.2KM from the School. The school has been so hungry of this facility; but now the thirst is quenched. The next Africa Cup of Nations can be held here.

A friend in need is a friend indeed

We have always hard friends whom we share love, joy, happiness and wish each other progress, prosperity and long life. There are yet others who go beyond this and provide plus offering their care. Thank you, the parents who gave us your children and support them financially which enables us to care for their needs academically, morally, spiritually, physically etc.

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