A friend in need is a friend indeed

We have always hard friends whom we share love, joy, happiness and wish each other progress, prosperity and long life. There are yet others who go beyond this and provide plus offering their care. Thank you, the parents who gave us your children and support them financially which enables us to care for their needs academically, morally, spiritually, physically etc.

More other meaningful friends were got and yet others will come by God’s grace. On 22/Feb/2009, Grant Curnow from Cornwall UK visited Vision S.S. and opened the opportunity of receiving ACE supported children. The buildings were so ugly but he still recommended that the ACE children be transferred to Vision S.S. Grant was a far focused person.
The director ACE, Angela Peak and Vick and trustees like Judith Nichole, Simeon Royle and Pete Smith have had an opportunity of visiting this great school to demonstrate that they are friends indeed. Reciprocal visits have been made by Dan Munyambabazi under the support of Humphry Davy School, Simeon Royle, Judith Nichole and the British Council in the programme of connecting classrooms. In the first visit, I attended Green is global conference in the Eden project- Cornwall. In here we were given skills of modern administration and management of schools plus the exciting exposure.

It is of great pleasure that the other subsequent visits enabled me to see and know much of UK; although my crossing over to Le Nivot-France in September 2014 became abortive.

Comparison was made for the two differing teaching and learning environments in the schools visited like; The GEMS schools- Bolitho, Humphry Davy School etc. In every classroom, there is a projector and each child operates his own computer and there is a projector. In one of the lessons I had in the GEMS School of Bolitho for years 16 to 18, I struggled to use a computer connected to a projector. I was handling the comparison of Land use and demography between Uganda and England. It was upon this that Mr Simeon Royle and Humphry Davy School gave me a projector and microscopes for Vision School. That is what it means by having friends indeed.

It is a pleasure for Vision school to have this treasurable link which has given it meaningful exposure. Our prayer and wish is to keep it sustainable for mutual benefit.