Kisoro Vision S.S is a private Secondary School that started operating on 17 January 2003.  The proprietor are;  Munyambabazi Dan and Hakizumwami Buker.  Its establishment was in line with the government liberalization policy which allowed private individuals to start schools.  By the time of the establishment of this school, there were already other two private Secondary Schools operating in Kisoro District.

The zeal to establish this school was:

  • To complement the government and private Secondary Schools which were always overwhelmed by the large numbers from primary level especially those graduating from universal primary education.
  • To uplift the standards of education and moral development of Kisoro District by providing the desired quality education.
  • To help the parents who were always taking their children outside Kisoro District for better educational and academic services and save them from that stress and expenditure.
  • To develop and expand on Students' (Children’s) abilities and skills holistically.
  • To provide jobs to a cross section of people who would serve in different disciplines as teaching and none teaching staff.

Much of this has been achieved and more is still in offing. Kisoro Vision S.S has therefore contributed immensely and uniquely to the academic development of Kisoro District.  It also has a record of success in building human morality, discipline and the etiquettes of self reliance.  It has therefore given this district a new twist, shape and hope for a better future with responsible people.  This will make these people live a life they desire and deserve.

Curriculum:The school has a divergence of activities which are academic, social and for skills development.

Subjects taught at O’ level (UCE)

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Literature in English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Geography
  • History
  • French language
  • Accounts
  • Commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fine Art
  • ICT (Computer studies)
  • CRE (Christian Religious Education)

A’ level subjects (UACE)

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Geography
  • Literature in English
  • History
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Fine Art
  • Christian religious Education (CRE)
  • ICT (Computer studies)
  • French
  • Subsidiary mathematics
  • General Paper


The Progressive Academic Performance of Vision Students

Kisoro Vision S.S. started operating on 17th January 2003. It started with classes like Senior 1,2,3 and 5.  It is a private Secondary School whose prime objective was to transform and improve on the academic performance of the children who come to study from here, the majority of whom are from Kisoro District. This objective, like all the other objectives of the School, has so far been achieved right from the time the first National exams were done by the pioneer students whose first sitting was in October and November 2005.

The School has always had thrilling results and excelling in Kisoro District and western Uganda in general. Actually it is now among the pillar Secondary Schools in Uganda today. To justify this, whenever UCE and UACE results are released by the national Examination body – UNEB, there is the ranking of all Secondary School in Uganda. In 2005 during the sitting of our first candidates, Kisoro Vision S.S. was ranked Number 1,205 out of 2,743 schools in Uganda. However this School climbed ladders so first that in 2008 it was ranked 316 out of 2,904 Schools in Uganda. In 2010 it was ranked number 144 out of 3,002 and in 2012 it was ranked number 140 out of 3,028 Schools in Uganda.

The current target of the School administration and its staff is to push the School to the best 50 Schools in Uganda in the next 5 years. We are sure; this will be achieved because there is great determination and willingness by all the stakeholders.

A number of students have always scored high bringing fame and greatness to the School. The Pioneer Senior Six class had the best student with 22 point, a score which no any other student had had ever attained in Kisoro District. This student; Mutsinzi Kali was even the third best student in Kigezi region. In 2009, Uwera Lillian Rubarande made yet another surprise by scoring 24 points and it was in 2012 when another Vision student– Niwamanya Elon scored the same 24 points. In O’Level, Mpimbaza Noble set a mark of aggregate 13 in 2010, which is yet to be broken although there are yet other students in this school that scored the same mark, like Kwizera Herbert in 2012.

Here below is the progressive performance of Kisoro Vision students over years since 2008 for Ordinay Level-UCE and Advanced Level UACE.

UCE 2012

  1. Kwizera Hebert               13
  2. Ndayambaje Ronald         15
  3. Uwase Gordon                15
  4. Yunvirusaba Agustine       20
  5. Ndugutse Innocent         25
  6. Nyiamugisha Peruth         27

UACE 2012

  1. Niwamanya Elon          3ABAA    24
  2. Nisiima Enid                6BBBA     22
  3. Kwitonda Benon         6BBAD     20
  4. Batamuriza Daphin       4BCCB     19
  5. Tumwizere William       4BDBA     20
  6. Ruseka Francis            5AEDC     18
  7. Niyigaba Edith Kanya    4BDBB     19

UCE  2011

  1. Kwiringira Joshua            21
  2. Niyobyose Doreen          22
  3. Turinayo Emmanuel        22
  4. Iragena Geoffrey            23
  5. Ntegerejumukiza  Davis   23

UACE  2011

  1. Semahoro Esau            4BABA  - 23
  2. Uwera Lillian                 4BBAB -  22
  3. Mbonimpa Henry           1ABAD - 21
  4. Mucunguzi Herbert        5BBBB -  21
  5. Kwiringira Shadrack        4BCBA - 21
  6. Ainomugisha Richard      5BCAB -  21
  7. Tumusabe Stephen       2AACD - 20
  8. Hafasha Stephen           6BBCC - 19

UCE 2010

  1. Mpimbaza Noble         13
  2. Musaidi Benson          18
  3. Tumwizere Robert      22
  4. Nyiransaba Florence    24
  5. Bigaba Ambrose         27

UACE 2010

  1. Dushime Moses          5ABBC    21
  2. Irakiza Rodah             3BCBA    21
  3. Kasheija Charles          3ACBA    21
  4. Mukeshimana Beatrice 2BBBB    21
  5. Nizeyimana Godfrey    4BBCA    21

UCE 2009

  1. Semahoro Esau            17
  2. Ndayishimye Caleb        18
  3. Byiringiro Thomas         18
  4. Muhire Paul                  21
  5. Tumusabe Sephen       24

UACE  2009

  1. Uwera Lillian Rubarande      4AAAB = 24
  2. Ayishakiye Innocent           6BBBA = 22
  3. Arinaitwe  Barnabas           6BBBC =  20
  4. Dushimimana Yustine         6BDAC = 19
  5. Maniriho Pamela                5ACAC = 21

UCE 2008

  1. Dusabe  Sylvester         26
  2. Uwera Lilian                 26
  3. Rukundo Mathias          30
  4. Uwimana Joan Medius   32
  5. Ndinayo Nazario            32

UACE 2008

  1. Kamugisha Philemon        6AACC  =  21
  2. Iraguha Davis                 6BBAD  =  20
  3. Kizera Robert                 5ABBD  =  20
  4. Manaturikumwe Ronald    6CBDA =  19 

(a)There are sporting activities like

  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Rugbay

(b)Clubs include:

  • Wildlife club
  • Straight talk club
  • Environmental club
  • Drama club
  • YCS (Young Christian students)
  • S.U (scripture union)
  • The extravaganza club (music dance and drama)

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