It is always joy at Kisoro Vision School when results for both levels are released (UCE – S4 O’ level and UACE – S6 A’ level) impressively, the school has always moved to the high ranks of performance year after year. In the first set of the schools’ candidates in 2006, the school was ranked number 816 out of 2,567 in the whole country. Two years after, it was ranked number 648. In 2014 it climbed to the position of 138 out of 3,012 schools registered in Uganda. At this pace, Vision will soon be among the best 50 schools in the country.

Of course yes. There is that potential and preparedness. The school has all the facilities for this. There are enough classrooms, the most modern science lab which is on both the ground floor and first floor of the technology house. The Computer Lab (ICT- Centre) and the well stocked book centre- Library on the third floor of the Technology house, are a treasure to the school which all contributes to excellence. 

In the results of 2014, some of the students of A’ level – UACE scored maximum 20points out of 20 points, which threw students to jubilations, excitement and drumming. This is real joy for the Vision family.

Students lifting the best candidates Candidates pose for a photo

Impressively, all the best 16 students in Kisoro District in UCE 2014 were from Kisoro Vision School and in UACE, all the 12 were from the same School.

The performance of some of the students of 2014 was as follows

UCE   2014

Name                               Aggregates

Ntirenganya Abel -------------------- 11

Hakiza Julius--------------------------- 14

Muhire Kenneth ---------------------- 17

Irankunda Channel ------------------ 18

Ndikuyera Benon -------------------- 18

Kwizera Fred -------------------------- 19

Mandera Nelson ---------------------- 19

Munyamahora Allan ----------------- 19

Niyindeba Eric ------------------------- 19

Niyonshima Ivan G ------------------- 19

Twizerimana Juliet -------------------- 19

Uwamahoro Jaridah ------------------ 19


UACE   2014

Name                                         Points

Niyonsaba Gilbert ---------------------------- 20 

Uwase Gordon -------------------------------- 19

Ayishakiye Alex ------------------------------- 19

Mwebembezi Humphrey ------------------- 19

Mucunguzi Kenneth ------------------------- 18

Munezero Denis ------------------------------ 18

Nshimiyimana Lawrence --------------------18

Kwizera Herbert -------------------------------17 

Ndayambaje Ronald -------------------------17

To get a vacancy in the school three ways can be used:

  • During the making of choices at primary seven and senior four, use the school selection code no.2948
  • Visit the school physically with your results for primary seven or senior four.  You will be assisted by the Head teacher or any other person delegated to do that.
  • For children changing school in the course of their levels and classes, come with the original reports and recommendation from the former school.

In addition, one is given an admission form together with a copy of school rules and regulations.

The school has the following rules and regulations;

1.All students must attend lessons of the subjects they offer.  Dodging lessons will lead to disciplinary measures which may even be an expulsion.

2.Punctuality in all school activities must be observed; late coming will lead to disciplinary action.

3.Roll calls will be conducted at any moment.  Missing any roll call will lead to a disciplinary measure which may also be an expulsion.

4.Exams are compulsory for all students, cheating exams is totally prohibited and the cheated exams will be cancelled.

5.No student will be expected out of school without official permission.  A permission cheat will be given to this student and must move in full uniform.  In normal circumstances a student will be given permission not more than twice in a term.

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